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L.T John. Gordon

1st Owner of Spring Estate (late 1700’s)


Nestled withina quiet community on the Windward coast, east of the capital Kingstown,and along the winding and windswept coastline of picturesque villages, rocky bluffs and black sand beaches, Spring Estate lies north of Peruvian Vale and south of North Union.

Once a bustling factory estate, Spring Estate is now home to an eco-resort, immersed in the natural beauty of the island’s greenery, rich biodiversity, infused with the songs of tropical birds, and the ever present whispers of waves caressing the Atlantic shoreline.

In the late 1700s, John Gordon, one of the Queen of England’s lieutenants, became the first owner of Spring Estate; later the French took possession, and in 1865, one of the island’s planters, D.A. Hadley, assumed ownership. Together with his family, he lived on the estate, and engaged workers from surrounding areas to help with the cultivation of arrowroot, cotton, cassava, and coconuts. The estate prospered during this time.

Daily life on the estate was typically busy, from tending crops and livestock, to the commercial activities of managing workers and paying wages. The estate yard became the meeting point for workers from surrounding areas, who would gather before and after their daily duties. Many of the present day inhabitants of surrounding villages are descendants of these workers. The ruins of the factory building can still be found on the estate – this building once housed a mill which was used to grind arrowroot, which was then transported in “settling pans” to the back of the factory, where another group of workers would oversee the drying process and conversion to starch, which was then shipped to the United Kingdom and many other countries.

Unfortunately, with the passage of time, the fortunes of the estate deteriorated, and the estate fell into disrepair. The factory closed, and workers were laid off. The buildings become overgrown with trees and bush, and the equipment slowly rusted.

Fortunately, this was not the end of Spring Estate!



In 1997, a local entrepreneur named Gideon Browne purchased the remnants of the estate. From a dilapidated factory structure, neglected pastures, fallow cropland, and an estate house that was slowly falling apart, his dream of creating a housing estate and nature resort started to become a reality. On the left and right of the spot that you are standing on are houses that were built by Mr. Browne to satisfy the demands of returning nationals from the United Kingdom, and this was only the beginning.

The tennis courts, built by the previous owners, which were now abandoned and unsightly, were renovated into the charming rustic “Wedding Hall” which is a favorite facility for persons tying the knot.

The resort, appropriately named the Spring Garden Resort, comprises a stately and nostalgic stone structure, with twenty seven (27) elegant suites, each with a private balcony, and state of the art amenities. An outdoor water pool that was built by the Hadley’s was creatively converted into an alternative Weddings and Events venue, which can also use as a fully functional restaurant area.

The “Honeymoon Suite” is an integral part of the Resort, and its warm burnt orange exterior integrates the lush flora into the peaceful ambiance of the Spring Garden, creating an aura of tropical romance.

The “Green Building” includes self-contained facilities, and apart from catering to family units, has a commanding view of the entire garden, and the clear crystal blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The result of the development has been a stunning transformation into an environmentally friendly experience, and a uniquenature resort, to be appreciated by locals and visitors alike.

Gideon Browne

Present Owner of Spring Estate (1997 – present)